On-site Emergency Medical Services

On-site Services

We service different industries with stand-by ambulance service team ready to respond for any emergency in the area. Capital Ambulance can develop site-specific Medical Emergency Response Plans (MERP) which map patient care from the worksite to definitive care, including return-to-work case management programs, ensuring there is no downtime or delays in the project. Companies operating outside their home country or national base often face new health challenges. Large amount of literature estimate that one out of three failed employee assignments is due to medical or family issues, leading to huge direct and indirect cost to companies.

We support our clients with modern clinically-valid treatment management plans that optimize injury recovery and minimize time lost from meaningful employment. We have a proven record of working closely with our client’s HSE & Project Managers ensuring that all appropriate medical treatment is provided and they are fit for return to work. Capital Ambulance supports lifestyle improvement initiatives and healthy lifestyle corporate programs for our clients’ employees. Our medics can undertake staff screening and provide advisory testing of blood glucose and cholesterol levels as well as hydration status. This enables decisions to be made about the possible introduction of lifestyle modification programs into the workplace; a healthy and happy workplace leads to greater production.

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Capital Ambulance has fully equipped ALS and BLS compliant 4×4 and 4×2 Ambulances available Abu Dhabi wide for short or long term hire.

All ambulances are fully equipped with the latest equipment as per DOH ALS and BLS standards including: IVMS, Lights & Sirens, Resuscitation, Portable Oxygen, Defibrillator, Airway, Stretcher, Spine Board, Scoop Stretcher, Burns and Trauma Dressings

On-site Emergency Medical Services3

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