Patient Transportation Services

Patient Transport

Capital Ambulance provides high quality pre-planned emergency and non-emergency patient transport ambulance service.  to transport bed redden patients safely from the home to the place of treatment or transporting them between home, clinic, hospitals or airport . Capital Ambulance team always make sure that patients are escorted safely all the way to their appointment location.

Capital Ambulance provides a high quality pre-planned emergency and non-emergency Patient Transport Ambulance Service.  Furthermore, we provide services for patients who may have a medical condition that can prevent them from travelling by other means.  In conclusion, our highly trained Emergency and Patient Care Assistants are on hand to ensure your journey is a safe, comfortable and pleasant one.

Our Patient Transport Ambulance Service is equipped to deal with a variety of patient conditions from transporting bed bound patients to those who can walk unaided.  In addition, we provide patient transport services in a smooth, safe and comfortable environment with a team who are trained in Emergency First Aid, Advanced Driving and the latest Moving and Handling techniques.  Furthermore, all Capital Ambulance vehicles are cleaned and serviced to an exceptionally high standard, Patient Transport Ambulance Service vehicles are designed for the comfort and safety of our patients.


  • Hospital transfers
  • Homecare patients appointments at hospitals
  • Airport transfers
  • Admissions to or discharges from hospitals in-patients wards
  • Chemotherapy or Renal Dialysis patients
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