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Patient Transport

Capital Ambulance provides safe, pre-planned medical transportation services, both in emergency and non-emergency situations…
Our medical transport services are equipped to handle a variety of patient cases from transporting bedridden patients to transporting those who need to move from home to health institutions, from airports to home, who need medical follow-up during transport or who suffer from bedsores.
We provide medical transportation services in a smooth, safe and comfortable environment through our highly trained medical team, and fully equipped ambulances with the latest medical equipment and technologies; They are equipped with a stretcher, monitors, cardioversion, pain relievers and other essential life-saving medical equipment.
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Features of Patient Transportation Services from Capital Ambulance:

Ready and available 24/7
Possibility of transportation by land or air by qualified and specially trained paramedics
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Ambulances are fully equipped with the necessary equipment to maintain patient safety
Possibility of providing health care in remote areas

Patient Transportation Services from Capital Ambulance

The most important stage for the patient after completing his treatment is the stage of transferring him from the hospital to the home or vice versa. Transporting the patient is a great challenge and any mistake in it may harm the patient and lead to serious complications.
At Capital Ambulance, we provide admission or discharge from the hospital with safe and comfortable medical transportation through sterile ambulances equipped with equipment that ensures the patient’s arrival at home safely.
Moving between health facilities constitutes a great burden on patients, especially those with chronic diseases and the elderly, even if it is with the help of family and friends.
Because Capital Ambulance Company was found to lighten the burden on you, we can provide you with a medical transportation service for appointments and health follow-ups, where you can move between health facilities with ambulances equipped with the latest technologies and emergency equipment according to the best international standards.
After a treatment trip abroad, patients need safe medical transportation to ensure that they arrive home safely and reduce the possibility of the patient acquiring an infection.
We provide a medical transport service and follow-up to patients while travelling to and from the airport through ambulances equipped and customized according to the patient’s situation and accompanied by highly experienced medical staff to take care of the patient and ensure his safe transfer.
Both chemotherapy and dialysis patients have in common that their immune system is weak and any minor infection can affect their health, so it is necessary to keep them away from sources of infection as much as possible.
Capital Ambulance provides medical transportation services for patients to and from chemotherapy or dialysis centers using ambulances dedicated to transporting this category of patients and equipped with medical staff ready to deal with these cases quickly and efficiently.
Ambulances make it easier to transport bedridden patients over long distances as they help in faster access to medical care. ambulances are given priority on the way and thus avoid traffic hassles.
During this service, bedridden patients are transported from their beds using stretchers that cause them the least amount of pressure, and transporting them by ambulance provides safety and comfort and reduces their anxiety levels more than traveling by car or other vehicles.

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